I’m the best artist in Uganda, boasts APass


Fame has already entered the head of Alexander Bagonza, better known by his stage name A Pass (and formerly APassKiller).

The Ugandan male musician and songwriter now thinks he is the best musician in the country.

“I have been the best artist in Uganda since I came on the scene,” he chest-thumped on social media.

“…but when I gave these chaps a break they think I can also give them lunch,” he added.


APass even claimed that when he releases a new video, Ugandan artists destroy everything in their houses while running mad with envy.

“They break cups, plates and TVs… One artist even tried to take poison…”

The singer who calls himself the “CEO of Ugandan Music” says he has decided to give fellow artistes a break or else some of them hang themselves.

“I feel like telling you more of my plans but most of you are emotional and childish… but I don’t give a damn I will tell you anyway, I am the musical Legend and I better a million.”

He rants on: “If anyone can prove me wrong. I hear people say they are legends I don’t believe it at all #million issa lie.”

The same APass on December 5, 2016, shared 10 important lessons about self-conduct in public: a negative mind can’t attract a positive life, hang around people who are interested in winning not those who are always complaining, stop having dreams and start having a plan, stop telling people what you are doing, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it, don’t let anyone turn your sky into a ceiling, nothing comes over night, things take time you have to work with patience, stop showing people your stuff because they will want to steal from you, look for happiness not money, etc.

Surely he has not already forgotten his own advice!



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