Cheune turns late Ivan Muyenga pad into brothel

Ed Cheune

Rich Gang’s Edward Cheune aka Ed Cheune has reportedly turned a house that belonged to his late business partner into a brothel where he changes women like underwear.

According to the latest gossip, Cheune spends most of his time in bars and sometimes sleeps on counters, drinking like there is no tomorrow.

When he leaves the bar, he retires to the Muyenga pad that belonged to the late, Ivan Ssemwanga.

Here, he indulges his sexual appetite, tasting lips and touring thighs of this or that woman.

He recently acquired a new car–a Bentley Continental GTI valued at Shs280m which he added to his fleet.


To celebrate his new acquisition, the sangoma is said to have whisked former NTV presenter and renowned media personality, Anita Fabiola, to Muyenga and enjoyed himself.

Fabiola even took naked shots of herself at the Muyenga based residence but still denies dating Cheune.

The pair was also seen publicly at Club Play having a good time.



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