Women rarely commit crimes, says Byabashaija


Dr. Johnson Byabashaija the Commissioner General of Uganda Prisons Service, has said there are many young people in prisons who can be equipped with skills so that they are able to earn a living.

“We are a sports power house. We have one of the best football teams even across the world I think,” he told Semweya Musoke, the host of NBS “Face Off” programme Sunday.

He said the prisoners have teams among them, so they play among themselves.

“We are not exposing cases in Uganda the way we are supposed to. To counter this, we must have police officers efficiently doing their investigative work and the judiciary playing its role. We must combine justice with safety.”

Byabashaija said 95.5% of the prisoners are males while only 4.5% of the prisoners are female.


“Women rarely commit crimes. The only women that come to prison are ones that have fought with their husbands.”

He said the male population should probably be able to emulate women.

“We need to find out why they don’t commit crime.”



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