Our work now is to see Museveni out of power-Nganda

Nganda addresses press

Hon. Semujju Nganda, the Kira Municipality MP and FDC Publicity Secretary, has reminded government that this country does not belong to a single political party.

“This country does not belong to the ruling party neither does it belong to the opposition,” Nganda was wading the undercurrents in age limits debate on NBS television Monday.

“Our work every day as the opposition is to see Museveni out of power,” he noted, adding that the age limit debate does not belong to the opposition only but to the whole country.

The question on age limits can be answered by one person and that is President Museveni, Nganda said, explaining that he has seen the president come back to power with most reasons being personal.

“There is a fear in NRM members on talking about age limits. Most of them do not want to lose their jobs.”


He then attacked the State Minister for Housing, Chris Baryomunsi, saying many other NRM members are not sincere while discussing this issue on age limits.

“Hon Baryomunsi argues like he just fell from heaven. I have no personal bones to pick with Museveni. He came into power before I was old enough to understand,” Nganda clarified.

He said the people of NRM always hide behind the people when matters become controversial for them to handle.

“It is unfair to say that Miria Matembe lost the elections because she was unpopular. I can wait to see you Baryomunsi stand for elections without the support of the state. That is when you will feel the weight of elections.”

According to Nganda, President Museveni has made it a norm to buy out members of the opposition but the opposition spirit shall never burn out.

“Yes. Soon, we shall be announcing plans on how we can oust Museveni. Well if people decide so, then it shall be so however, if people still want to go on, then so shall it be.”




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