FDC mobilises youth against age limit bill

MP Nganda with FDC youth addressing press on Monday

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] National Youth League on Monday warned against a move by legislators to amend the constitution and allow President Museveni to stand in 2021 elections.

The Youth League led by National Chairman, Idd Ouma, were addressing a press conference at the weekly party Press briefing at the party National Headquarters in Najjanankumbi.

The youth came out strongly against the removal of the only safety valve that has been remaining in our constitution article 102(b) of the age limit.

“We intend to carry out national wide activities to mobilise youth and galvanise efforts of people standing up against the proposed amendment / tinkering with our constitution to satisfy the high appetite of one individual Mr Museveni to die in power,” Ouma told press.

He said the league intends to reach out to other Party Youth League leaders so as to work out an arrangement of working in concert and unison to prevail over MPs not to be tempted to hamstring the constitution.


The league further intends to reach out the youth in villages, universities/ higher institutions of learning to mobilise them to join the campaign.

“Hands off our constitution. Our constitution, our life, our future,” Ouma said.

The youth will be coordinating these activities with Shadow Youth Minister, Hon Adele Anna Ebaju.

Hon Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, the FDC Publicity Secretary, said they would take action against those MPs championing the amendment of the constitution.

He said this kind of war would involve all Ugandans and be directed at Museveni with whoever tries to aid him in this venture.

He alluded to the battle of Waterloo that destroyed the French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte saying the amendment of the constitution would be “Museveni’s Waterloo”.



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