Critic: Museveni a pain but mother of all problems is Baganda

Museveni and Buganda Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi

Legendary Radio personality, Basajja Mivule, says currently, Uganda’s problem is President Yoweri Museveni but that the real problem isn’t Museveni.

“The mother of all problems is Baganda,” Mivule said on Sunday evening while appearing on “NBS Eagle” programme alongside David Kabanda, the Programs Coordinator with the Centre for Health, Human Rights and Development.

Mivule who worked with radio Akaboozi Ku Bbiiri, said the story of Buganda being the mother of all problems Uganda has suffered would be told another time.

The colonisation of Uganda started as early as 1856 when Kabaka Mutesa of Buganda accepted white explorers and Christian missionaries.

It was also Baganda Generals like Semei Kakungulu, Stanislus Mugwanya, Zacharias Kisingiri and regent Apollo Kaggwa that collaborated with the British to fight resistors like Kabalega of Bunyoro leading to Uganda being declared a British protectorate in 1894.


“From inception, Buganda is the root cause of Uganda’s problems,” Mivule chirped in, have failed to control his itching urge to divulge them.

“Section A of the problem is Mengo,” he added but left the topic hanging lest he elicits ethnic sentiments.

Museveni money politics

Commenting on Democratic Party members fighting at the burial of former Kampala mayor, John Ssebana Kizito, Mivule said this was due to Museveni’s regime introducing money into politics.

“If you argue against this then I don’t understand you. Money is the root cause of all evil. Politics is now based on money, it’s now a business.”

He said removing money from Ugandan politics would restore discipline, sobriety and sanity among the people.

“I’m on the committee that wants to see President Museveni gone, that’s the sole purpose of being on the opposition. But we don’t have opposition here, they have nothing to show that they are ready to take over power and no political desire. This is a battle, I can’t tell you my colleagues.”

He went on: “Did president Museveni mention the people he was going to war with against Milton Obote?”

Mivule said Museveni wants to rest but he has failed to find a successor.

“He is noticed me but he can’t hand over power because I have no one to run the country with.”

Kabanda, on the other hand, said political behaviour is no more.

“When Tanga Odoi [NRM electoral commission chair] starts abusing Kasule Lumumba [NRM secretary general], you get baffled. It’s not only in DP, it’s everywhere.”



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