Baryomunsi: No problem with Museveni staying in power

Dr Baryomunsi recieves holy communion

State minister for Housing, Hon. Chris Baryomunsi, still maintains the age limit debate is a premature debate.

“We need proposals to make it effectual. The debate is also an electoral commission problem. Because they need to stir up talks,” he said Monday while appearing on NBS television.

According to Baryomunsi, the debate will go back to Ugandans because they are the final arbiters in resolving this matter.

Host: Do you think the long stay of a president has a bearing on turmoil in a country?

Baryomunsi: Yes and No. If we are to assess countries that have the biggest turmoil, is it because they have presidents older than 75?


Host: It looks like a sealed deal that president Museveni is returning in 2021. Do you want to be judged to have supported this?

Baryomunsi: That is speculation. How can you say that President Museveni is standing in 2021 and yet it is not confirmed.

“We are not delegates, we represent people that is why it is important to seek the view of the people,” he explained.

According to Baryomunsi, the reason why former Ethics and Integrity minister, Miria Matembe, lost her parliamentary seat was because her vote was unpopular.

“It was not founded on people’s needs. Neither did she take into consideration views of the people of Mbarara.”

He said opposition members make a lot of noise in Kampala but are not mobilizing people in rural areas.

“At the end of the day when NRM wins elections, they say NRM paid money for voters.”

Host: Can Museveni’s return be stopped? Do you long to see a post-Museveni government?

Baryomunsi: In Rukiga we have a saying if you don’t have anything itching you, then don’t scratch. I do not have a problem with President Museveni being in power.



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