We’ll all go, Otafiire speaks on age limit

Minister Kahinda Otafiire

“We will all go,” Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister, Kahinda Otafiire, on Saturday told mourners who had gathered in Mpande village Luweero District to send off former Democratic Party president, John Ssebaana Kizito.

Otafiire was referring to feuding politicians from the Democratic Party who closed at the burial ceremony while waving placards with messages accusing the NRM MPs of supporting the lifting of the age limit.

The fight was between supporters of Kampala Mayor, Erias Lukwago, and DP president Norbert Mao, an ugly incident that was condemned by former DP President General, Paul Kawanga Ssemogerere.

“Use the force you are using against me on those that are trying to abuse our constitution and failing to transform our country,” Lukwago told the feuding Young Democrats, a youth league of DP.

“Uganda is there now, it will be there when am gone,” Otafiire said, trying to remind the conflicting parties that the country is greater and bigger than individuals.


“It [Uganda] is not my personal land or personal property,” he stated, just a day after Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] Publicity Secretary, Hon. Ssemujju Nganda, reminded President Yoweri Museveni that once he is taken to parliament in a casket, he will have no more age limit but will have to go.

Nganda who was paying a tribute to Ssebaana Kizito on Thursday, said the desire of the Late was that Uganda doesn’t change the constitution by uplifting the age limit.

“To some of you who don’t want to leave power, the day you will be brought here, you will not refuse to go. With death, there is no age limit, there will be no lifting the age limit, whether you like it or not, you will go,” Nganda said.

On Saturday, Otafiire who represented Museveni at the burial indirectly responded to this message saying, “We all must know that when time comes, we will go. Just like Ssebaana, he went and left it”.

Otafiire told the public not to be angry at him over the proposed age limit bill, saying it was not his responsibility but that of MPs.

“You are crucifying the wrong person over the proposed Constitutional Amendment Bill on age limit. I have no powers to push for any law without the input of your Members of Parliament,” he cried out.

He added: “We have no reason to shed blood in Uganda yet we can sit and dialogue on the most pressing issues affecting our Country. Those who are against negotiations should leave us and allow peace to prevail.”

Otafiire said it was Kizza Besigye, Paul Ssemogerere and Ssebaana Kizito who were some of the Constituent Assembly delegates who put a clause in the constitution to allow for amendment of the Constitution.



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