Rwomushana calls for army to fight Museveni gun-rule

Former intelligence operative Charles Rwomushana.

Former head of political intelligence desk at State House, Charles Rwomushana, says President Yoweri Museveni’s sovereignty is in the gun.

“When it comes to debate, he closes his ears,” Rwomushana said while appearing on NBS “Frontline” programme Thursday night to discuss the age limit debacle.

Rwomushana asked Ugandans to rise up and form an army to fight the government in power.

Government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, who was present protested, saying he was not aware of any organ of NRM that has discussed or tabled amending the age limit.

“Charles Rwomushana is at liberty to raise an army but we as government, we shall deal with them,” Opondo said.


“Some of these people criticizing President Museveni are his undercover agents,” he claimed in the presence of Kampala Central MP, Muhammed Nsereko.

Nsereko who is currently championing a crusade to block the age limit bill is also under criticism for allegedly working for Museveni behind the shadows.

“Everyone who has a stake in the governance of the country should be involved in constitutional amendment,” Nsereko called out, seemingly shaking off the “spy” tag.

But Rwomushana observed that the largest struggle is to reclaim Uganda’s sovereignty that was usurped in 1986.

“We can lose the message in music of liberation the same way we lost Tanga Odoi at Makerere University,” he said.

He blames Museveni and his National Resistance Movement [NRM] for the “untimely death” of the Ugandan constitution.

“The NRA occupation al – Nakba finally crushes the last remaining pillar of the 1995 constitution,” Rwomushana said, referring to a pending publication into the Uganda Gazette of the Constitutional Amendment Bill that will scrap the presidential age limit.

According to him, the 1995 constitution has since lost its entire legitimacy.



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