Police opens Kakoma grave, finds skull, bones missing

Police opens the grave [NTV picture]

Uganda police on Friday exhumed the remains of Prof. George Kakoma, the composer of the Uganda National Anthem, to confirm whether they were still intact.

This was done with the consent of Prof. Kakoma’s widow, Maria Tereza Kakoma.

Some vital parts were reported stolen by unknown people who excavated his grave on Tuesday night.

On Friday, police dug up his grave and confirmed that his skull and some of his bones were missing.

Police halted “tampering” with Kakoma’s remains once it was confirmed that his skull was missing.


Family, Police prepare to check if the body of the late George William Kakoma is still in the grave [Picture by NTV]
George Kakoma is remembered for composing the Uganda National Anthem.

One of the caretakers of the family burial grounds, William Kavulu, alerted Paul Kakoma, son of the late who liaised with the Mabwombwe Village Local Council 1 Chairman, Hajji Buruhan Ssemakula, about the vandalism.

Wakiso District Community Liaison Officer, Samuel Okodosi, suggested that police checks and confirms whether the body was still intact.

Prof. Kakoma died on April 8, 2012 and was buried at Mabwombwe Village, Mende Sub-county, Wakiso District.



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