Matembe: I haven’t seen one so greedy for power as Museveni

Former Ethics and Integrity minister, Dr Miria Matembe

Former Ethics and Integrity minister, Dr Miria Matembe, says she is yet to meet one single person who can compare with President Yoweri Museveni when it comes to greed for power.

Matembe was Thursday night appearing on NBS TV “Frontline” programme to make sense of the age limit debacle that has shaken the political arena.

Hon. Matembe says she is one of the makers of the 1995 constitution and would love to see it remain intact.

“When I see it [constitution] so manipulated, I come with a very heavy heart,” Matembe confessed.

She said Uganda’s constitution was carefully drafted putting in mind the country’s violent political history.


“Age limit was the people’s choice; a choice of those who wanted their presidents to go when they still loved them,” she explained.

According to her, the issue of age limit might be President Museveni’s bait and he will use parliament which is more transactional to tamper with the constitution.

“I haven’t seen a person who is as greedy for power as President Museveni. He is like a ‘wakame (hare).”

She added: “This is the man who told the world that the Africa’s problem is leaders who don’t want to leave power.”

It was Museveni who said in his own words that Africa’s problem was leaders who don’t want to leave power hence the instabilities.

Matembe also attacked Arua Municipality MP, Ibrahim Abiriga, for saying Museveni should be left to rule forever.

“How does Abiriga come out to say ‘paka last’? I pity him (Abiriga) and the people he leads.”

Matembe instead asked Ugandans to rise up and redeem their country.

“I really feel so bad, following a person who was not honest (Museveni).”

Matembe’s concerns come at a time the ruling NRM members of parliament are plotting to amend the constitution and remove the presidential age limit clause so Museveni can stand in 2021 elections.

Museveni told NTV in 2012 and Al Jazeera in 2017 that he would not change the constitution to cling onto power unless Ugandans willed it.



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