Kayihura wants to kill me to cover his evil deeds, SPC writes to Museveni

Kayihura arrives at Ssaza tally center during Kyadondo East by-election

Ali Kabanda, formerly Alex Kabanda, 33 years and a former Special Police Constable (SPC) has written to President Yoweri Museveni saying police chief Kale Kayihura wants to kill him because he has a lot of dirty information about the IGP.

Kabanda hitherto attached to Rapid Response Unit (RRU), Flying Squad, Internal Affairs Ministry, and finally SID respectively says Kayihura deployed Rwanda Operatives through SSP Nixon Agasiirwe to track and kill him.

Kabanda who joined as an SPC through Operation Wembley with specialisation in gathering information/intelligence, claims to have information regarding all the dirty dealings Kayihura has ever been involved in as explained in the letter below.

Kabanda letter to Museveni:

12th May 2017

To His Excellency the President of Uganda

Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

State House Entebbe.

RE: Threats on My Life by Gen. Kale Kayihura and Rwanda Operatives through SSP Nixon Agasiirwe over my Knowledge of their Wrong Deeds

Allow me Your Excellence to extend my sincere greetings and to thank you for the work you render this country. I pray God continues to protect you and grant you good health.

My name is Ali Kabanda, formerly Alex Kabanda, 33 years and a former Special Police Constable (SPC) hitherto attached to Rapid Response Unit (RRU), Flying Squad, Internal Affairs Ministry, and finally SID respectively. I joined as an SPC through Operation Wembley with specialisation in gathering information/intelligence.

In the course of my duties, I landed on a lot of information with great wealth of intelligence. In most cases, these clues helped in apprehending the culprits but I realised with time, some of my supervisors/bosses had special, personal interests contrary to what the official work demanded.

On trying to raise my concerns about how they were doing a disgrace to the Police and government, I instead created enmity that has lately grown into strong desires to have me sorted out of action. Some of the incidences that have caused this is as explained below:

South Eastern Region Subversive activities by ADF

As you are aware Mr. President, early 2011, there erupted groups of people with subversive intentions against government. I was asked by then Internal Affairs Minister, Al Hajji Kirunda Kivejinja to help in tracing down the culprits. He then invited the Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura for a meeting where, he informed him of my potential in getting the ‘who is who’ in the entire arrangement. This involved to establish who was recruiting, for whom were they working, how many recruits so far, who is the funder and their motives.

I had operated in this region for over six years and the assignment wasn’t a puzzle for me. I asked Gen. Kayihura to allow me work with SP Ben Kasozi Kamurasi in place of Nickson Agasiirwe whose mode of operation were questionable to me and he was already on katebe. Gen. Kayihura accepted my suggestion. We went down to work and in two weeks, we produced our report (same attached here marked ‘A’).

Our success though was not liked by some of the colleagues including Nickson Agasiirwe who, struggled to suppress our efforts through several means. We however authored several other reports including one where we indicated that some Muslim leaders and politicians had been targeted for assassination. With Nickson’s intrigue (he wanted to be the one leading the operation), we were not allowed to complete. I was arrested on allegations that I had refused to report to Kabarye for training whereas SP Kasozi was recalled and deployed as Regional Crime Intelligence Officer Kampala South.

In less than a year, just like our report had suggested, two Sheiks were murdered in Bugiri and they (Police) had no lead. I was approached by IP Barnet Turyamureeba, hitherto Nalufeenya Commandant, to help them find the killers. With my help through my contacts, we did arrest the culprits who genuinely confessed to the felonies, tried and convicted. They however were suspiciously released from prisons. The struggle to soil our names for our achievements continued.

Around 2013, Mbuya Army barracks were attacked. At the scene was an abandoned phone supposedly by the attackers. On examination, the phone turned out to belong to SP Kasozi. It was however on police record that SP Kasozi had reported the same phone missing the previous day. He was arrested and detained by SFC led by Brig. Sabiiti. Later, one of the police informers was heard bragging about how successfully he had pinned Kasozi. He was arrested and on interrogation, he confessed that he had been sent by Nickson Agasiirwe and CP Michael Mugabi, then RPC South to steal Kasozi’s phone. Why it was found at the scene and how the two officers got to know that Mbuya would be attacked, remains a mystery to-date.

All the time I hadn’t been deployed, I was hobnobbing with Sheik Abdur Ductoor Muwaya in Mayuge. Because of my undercover assignments to penetrate ADF and their allies, I had also converted to Islam and had even got engaged with Sheik Muwaya’s daughter who to this date, remains my wife. Later, I was recalled by SCP Charles Kataratambi when he was made commandant Flying Squad. Among the operations I conducted was the Kajjansi OC Station murder. I arrested the killers and were convicted. We worked without more incidences until when SCP Kataratambi was transferred to SID. But Nickson remained on my case every time.

Illegal Repatriation of Rwandese refuges

Upon successful operation of Kajjansi murder investigations, I, along with two of my colleagues were approached by IGP’s Personal Assistant SSP Jonathan Baroza. He told us that he had a sensitive assignment sanctioned by the IGP and the President for us to implement. He said we were required to help in arresting and delivering Rwandese refugees for extradite. I reasoned that the same kind of work had brought issues to CP Joel Aguma without protection from the IGP and President to which he replied that Aguma was soon going to be redeployed and his pay raised.

In the same meeting, he called in Ismail Baguma whom he introduced as Rwanda’s attaché in Uganda. He said that Nickson and group, who were carrying out the exercise were becoming unruly. To me, everything looked disgusting for I know the rights of refugees. But because I had let myself to be told of the dangerous mission, a desire to confirm whether these things happened in my country arose. Baguma was later to introduce his working teams disguised as special hire drivers and boda-boda riders around the country. He told us they are members of Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF).

Soon after that, we arrested a Rwandese national, a laundry worker, from Kinoni trading centre along Masaka-Mbarara Highway. The man in his fifties pleaded to be killed here instead of extraditing him but in vain. We drove him up to somewhere between Kabare-Ntungamo borders. The other side of Rwanda waited RPF officers to whom we handed the ‘suspect’ at night. In these operations, we used three vehicles including two Ipsums and a Land cruiser. We would move in a group of about eight people. Also in the neighbouring Kenya and Tanzania were similar operations where, they would bring the victims, hand them over to us at Busia and Mutukula borders respectively. We would then pass on the same to Rwanda.

During this two months’ operation, we picked Rwandese from places like Mubende, Kiboga, Kampala (mostly in Kajjansi), Masaka, Mbarara, and Hoima among others. In total, we extradited about 10 Rwandese before I fell out with the team. This was at Kasubi where they wanted to arrest repatriate one person but chose to take him along with his three innocent friends. I thought whoever we arrested and returned had cases to answer back home but on further investigations, I realised all the people were meant for state execution. Around 2014, we were summoned at White Horse Hotel Kabale for a meeting with both IGPs of Rwanda and Uganda.

Here, the Rwanda IGP appreciated the work we were doing and gave each of us USD1000 as a token from H.E Paul Kagame. He gave us an assignment to arrest and handover a pastor in Mbarara and an MP aspirant from Easter Region. From this meeting, I felt bad to see myself being used to abuse foreigners’ rights and it became more obvious to me that I was guilty of a murder accomplice. I resigned and chose to look for you (the President of Uganda), tell you what was happening and ask whether you indeed had assigned me to do the job. By the time of penning you this letter, I am still blocked and my life in danger.

The abrupt resignation from the operation annoyed Gen. Kayihura and his team. A lot was done, including finding means of implicating me in any crimes but in vain until when I left the police. On three occasions, I have survived attempts on my life. On two occasions at home where, people came and banged my gate in vain and one where I was chased by two Boda-bodas and a car for close to one hour before I went missing on them around Gayaza trading centre. For close to three months, I don’t sleep home and my movements are highly disguised.

Kaweesi Murder Investigations

After the murder of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi on March 17th 2017 at Kulambiro, arrests started the following day. In about three days, over ten people had been arrested. Most of them were my former contacts in Eastern Uganda. Most, if not all suspects in the prison are innocent and you (Mr. President) also noted it during the State of the Nation Address. I tried my level best to approach the IGP and inform him of the wrongful arrests only to realise that he actually was behind the coaching of the fake ‘suspects.’ I resolved to report to the Minister of Security. That I met the security Minister Gen. Henry Tumukunde irritated Gen. Kayihura so much that he reportedly ordered that I be stopped. How he wanted to stop me is a mystery but as it’s known, he arrests, on trumped-up charges, everyone he believes to have information and yet in good books with Gen. Tumukunde.

The same information (of fake suspects) leaked in the media, especially through www.theinvestigatornews.com whose proprietor, Mr. Ndawula Stanley happens to be my business partner elsewhere at GIA Safaris (U) Limited. At the same time Stanley started getting persistent life-threatening messages, calls and on two occasions, kidnap attempts. I chose to provide him my security skills by kind of turning into a security advisor and bodyguard of sorts. Both IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura and SSP Nickson Agasiirwe have taken Stanley and his newspaper to Courts of law but they insist that it’s me who provided the information and hence, I should be dealt with. As I write this, an operative, Alex Mutungi and Nuwagaba Fred, have been armed by Nickson and given marching orders to work with Baguma’s team of Rwandese to trail and finish me.

Since you’re unreachable yet my tormentors have not thought of retiring, I have decided to write you this brief report. I would also wish to inform you that failure to get a response in two weeks, I will be left with no option but to flee my country. For your information Mr. President, I won’t be the first to escape from fellow Ugandans in Police under the same circumstances lately, all under General Kayihura and his hitmen’s tenure with your full approval.

I remain yours faithfully

Ali Kabanda



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