Kabarole council agrees to rename Fort Portal city

Fort Portal city

Kabarole District Council on Tuesday passed an amended motion to rename Fort Portal City to Kabarole City.

The campaign is reportedly supported by King of Tooro Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru.

In 2015, the council passed a resolution to annex Burahya to Fort Portal Municipality with the aim of coming up with the requirements for the city status, after consultations with the community and opinion leaders.

The district chairperson, Richard Rwabuhinga, moved a motion to amend the earlier resolution; to name the city Kabarole so that Fort Portal remains a Division within Kabarole city.

Fort Portal (Municipality) is named after a 19th Century British diplomat Sir Gerald Herbert Portal who was assigned to Uganda to report to the British Government on the desirability of setting up a British Protectorate to replace the Imperial British East Africa Company.


He had his base in the western town.

However, with the talk on elevation of the municipality to city status, calls started emerging for the City to be given its original (traditional) name.

During the council sitting last week on this matter, the district chairperson said he had made several consultations with opinion leaders who okayed the idea of the new city being named Kabarole.

Some Councillors had raised concerns that Fort Portal could lose its identity when renamed.

One of the councillors Joseph Mashuhuko advised that the motion be taken back to the local councils for further deliberations.

But this was rejected on grounds that district councillors represent the views of the people in their sub counties.

The deputy Speaker Hussein Kato who chaired council session put the motion to vote and majority supported the amendment to have Kabarole City and Fort Portal to remain as a division within Kabarole.

A beautiful street in Fort Portal town

Tourism city?

According to The Ugandan Info, endowed with beautiful people, beautiful nature, unique environment and serenity, Fort Portal is Uganda’s Tourism City in the making.

Lying in mid-western Uganda, Fort Portal also Tooro kingdom’s capital is a gateway to some of the most beautiful sceneries and unique nature with crater lakes, hills, mountains, endemic fauna and flora and one of the most beautiful, serene and hospitable people-Batooro that comprise the majority of the population.

Fort Portal has in the last couple of years been sought as Uganda’s pearl of Tourism since it’s strategically located in the heart of most of the major tourism sites and activities in Uganda found in the Albertine region prompting the government to consider it in the National Development Plan.

Fort Portal is now referred to as a tourism or tourist city, a place where people live and work.

By nature, location, environment and people, Fort Portal is unrivaled as being the heart of most of Uganda’s tourism sites and activities. Fort Portal is in other words the Tourism Capital of Uganda due to its natural instatement.

Fort Portal is strategically located in the heart of major tourism sites including the snow-capped mountains of the moon, commonly known as Rwenzori Mountains, Semuliki national park Uganda’s largest Queen Elizabeth National Park.

It is a home to gorillas and chimpanzees and a host of other primates, is a centre of over incredible crater lakes, the Mwenge and Kibaale natural forests featuring over 400 species of birds, other animals and 1000s of flora species.




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