Nsereko rallies MPs to block age limit bill

MP Nsereko

Kampala Central Member of Parliament, Mohammed Nsereko, is championing a drive by legislators to block the presidential age limit which seeks to scrap the 75 years constitutional limit and allow President Yoweri Museveni run in 2021 elections.

According to The Uganda Gazette dated June 8, 2017, the Constitution (Amendment) Bill which contains a clause to remove the presidential age limit, will be officially gazetted.

Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire, the minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, says the Constitution (Amendment) Bill 2017 awaits to be published in The Uganda Gazette before it can come to parliament for debate.

“Yet again our nation has been put to test. The amendment of the constitution is what is being presented,” Nsereko, once a ruling NRM party rebel MP announced his opposition to the bill.

“I have already started the mobilisation and persuasion drive in parliament to block the amendment of Article 102 that deals with the age limit of a presidential candidate,” he added.


Nsereko called upon other legislators to join hands in the struggle to maintain the sanctity of the Ugandan constitution.

“To General Yoweri Museveni; your generation has served and Ugandans appreciate your contribution to the nation,” Nsereko told the president, clarifying that this is the time, things will be different.

“We want you to be a true statesman and let go without promoting the tampering of our constitution,” he added.

“What is it that you have not done in the last 30 years that you intend to achieve in the next few?” the MP asked the president.

He said the drive starts now and asked fellow citizens not to support change of the constitution.

“Now is the time to sing “no change.” From today till we register this landmark victory, that will be our slogan. As for age limit, “no change”.”

Meanwhile, opposition Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] deputy secretary general, Harold Kaija, says they have already complied the contacts of MPs for access to constituents.

“We have also finished compiling the List of MPs who voted against the term Limits,” Kaija said, adding, “We are now compiling a List of MPs who voted for the Lifting of Term Limits and are still in Parliament.”

He asked members of the public to start engaging their MPs in the 10th Parliament and tell them that the clause must remain intact.

“We are aware some may not be familiar with Article 102 (b) which says that for one to be President of Uganda, “He should be NOT less than 35 years and NOT more that 75 years.”



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