New judge to hear Mzee Kefa 6-year-old land case

Mzee Kefa

The Principal Judge Dr Yorokamu Bamwine has allocated Justice Dr Henry Peter Adonyo a case involving an elderly man who was reportedly evicted forcefully from his land in 2011.

Dr Bamwine regretted that the partly heard land case had suffered numerous adjournments.

He directed the new trial judge to fast-track its disposal on account of its age in the system.

Justice Dr Adonyo, a High Court Judge who heads the Judicial Studies Institute at Nakwawa –Kampala has confirmed that he directed the land division deputy registrar to summon the parties for the hearing of the case next week.

Earlier this week, the media has been awash with stories of justice being denied in the land eviction case.


Mzee Kefa’s sympathisers took to social media after getting reports that Lady Justice Ketra Katunguka-the fourth judge to handle the case-had been transferred to another court.

“Lady Justice Katunguka to whom the file had been re-allocated has been transferred to the Family Division,” the Principal Judge’s memo to justice Adonyo read in part

In March this year, the Case Backlog Reduction and Elimination Committee Report established that there were 37,827 backlogged cases in the system, according to Solomon Muyita, senior communications officer at judiciary.

In April, the Chief Justice, Bart Katureebe, appointed a 12-member Case Backlog Monitoring Committee headed by Court of Appeal’s Justice Richard Buteera to oversee judiciary’s case backlog strategy.



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