Chameleone iron man suit sets tongues wagging

Chameleone on stage in Iron Man suit

Just when fans had started to lose their faith in the myth of Uganda’s music legends, Jose Chameleone took to the stage and reminded him of the lad from those days of Ugopa DJs.

Chameleone shook Lugogo Cricket Oval at the close of June, showering revellers song after song at his “Legend: Hit after Hit” concert.

In a two-hour performance, Chameleone who was donning an “Iron Man” look-alike costume, reclaimed his place in the annals of music history.

Some could have even mistaken him a crime fighter on New York streets after appearing in a suit won by Iron Man suits for Halloween in the Marvel blockbuster movie Avengers.


Emerging from a smoke screen amid loud chants and ululations, Chameleone kicked off the show with “Nga bwewakolanga” song, moving backwards into 2000’s with songs like; “Kuma Obwesigwa”, “Bomboclat”, “Kuba Bulungi”, “Nekolera Mali”, “Basiima Ogenze”, and “Agatako” etc.

Those who attended the Bell lager-sponsored “Hit after Hit” Concert are still talking about the strange suit.

“Musicians should really be like their NO: 1,” Chameleone boosted, referring to his iron man suit.

“One love to all who love Chameleone’s music and who came to Lugogo,” he added before announcing the Sunday Freedom City gig.

Chameleone’s social media platforms are now awash with praises from fans: “You are the best. Our No.1 East African. Awesome you are da best of da best long live super star” and many more.



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