You can’t trust opposition, Kenyatta tells Kenyans

Kenyatta and Ruto solicit votes in Machakos district

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday mocked the five men leading the opposition for talking about ‘change’ when they had failed to deliver anything tangible for Kenyans for all the decades they served in senior government posts.

On the campaign trail in Lower Eastern region, the President warned Kenyans about false change the opposition was preaching, urging them to be wary of opposition men known for their penchant for selfish pursuit for power, and who had a rich history of delivery for themselves at the expense of a majority of Kenyans.

President Kenyatta reminded Kenyans that one of the five men leading the opposition was appointed minister when Deputy President Ruto was in Form One, while another was made minister at the age 27, and had gone on to serve in that position for more than two decades.

He said one of the other men had served in Government, including as a minister and Prime Minister, and instead of delivering progress for the youth, had done nothing to uplift their lives.

“They are talking about change but what change are they talking about which they could not bring in all the years they were in Government. They have a history of delivering nothing. They only squabble, argue, and are ineffective,” the President told thousands of supporters in Kangundo, in Machakos County.


At Machakos, President Kenyatta said the change the opposition was talking about was actually referring to their plan to change the Constitution to give jobs to the leading opposition figures.

“The biggest thing they are offering to Kenyans is to change the Constitution and this will cost Kenya at least Sh20 billion,” said the President.

He said Jubilee will use that money to create employment for the youth as well as implement the paid internship programme for technical training college and university students starting next year.

Speaking at the Kenyatta Stadium, President Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto expressed confidence they would easily trounce the opposition.

President Kenyatta said the opposition figures are not genuine in telling chiefs that if elected they will increase their salaries, pointing out they are the same ones who vowed to do away with provincial administration in 2013.

“They are the same people who said they would do away with chiefs, now they are lying to them that they will increase their salaries when he is elected. Such people should not be trusted,” said President Kenyatta.

Deputy President Ruto enumerated the programmes undertaken by the Jubilee administration to transform the country ranging from free maternity programme, electricity connections, waiving of exam fees, road construction and the Standard Railway as some of the successes and reason for Kenyans to give Jubilee a second term.

He told the Machakos residents that the opposition had no agenda to uplift the lives of Ukambani residents as reflected in their manifesto.

Others speakers included National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale, Jubilee candidate for Nairobi gubernatorial seat Mike Sonko, Jubilee Women Rep aspirant for Machakos, Agnes Muthama, and Rose Wambua who is also vying for Kagundo Parliamentary seat on a Jubilee ticket among others.



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