Vampino plays soccer to raise funds for homeless girl

Siana's house was washed away by floods

Well-wishers in Kabale district comprising of soccer legends and dance hall artist Vampino in conjunction with Loving Hearts Uganda over the weekend participated in the charity soccer campaign at Kabale stadium.

Vampino, born Elvis Kirya, is a Ugandan dance hall musician and actor debuting his acting career in Nana Kagga’s 2012 film, The life.

He was one half of the duo “Benon and Vamposs.” He is a brother to musician Maurice Kirya.

Vampino was among the players

The campaign was aimed at fundraising money to construct a new house for a homeless girl, Atukunda Siana, as a sign of giving back to the community.

Siana is an orphan whose house was washed away by floods in Bunyonyi Kabale district.


Headlining the event, Ugandan dance hall artist Vampino was playing for Loving Hearts Uganda which lost to the legends.

However, Vampino appealed to the masses to always give a hand to the needy quoting that “a hand that gives is the hand that receives”.

The game which was played between Kabale soccer legends and Loving Hearts Uganda team ended 2-0 in favour of the Soccer Legends at Kabale municipal stadium.



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