Public service sets new dress code, bans naked thighs, exposed breasts

No more showing of cleavages or naked thighs at public service ministry

The ministry of Public Service has set new rules pertaining the dress code for its non-uniformed officers.

Catherine Bitarakwate Musingwire, the permanent secretary at the ministry, said this will ensure that the officials dress decently and acceptable standards by the Ugandan community.

“It is noted that public officials have continued to dress in a manner that does not portray a good image of the service ad doesn’t fall within the generally accepted standards of the community,” she said.

Bitarakwate defines decent dressing as “dressing in a manner that is socially acceptable and generally considered to be smart, good, reasonable and portrays a good image of public service”.

Female public officers, according to the set dress code, will dress in a skirt not above the knees, with smart long or short a sleeved blouse.


They will not wear sleeveless, transparent blouses and dresses at work.

“To ensure that clothing covers up cleavages, navel, knees and back,” she noted, adding, “female officers are not be allowed to appear for duty in open flat shoes except on doctor’s recommendation”.

The officers are not allowed to have bright coloured hair in form of natural hair, braids ad hair extensions but to keep hair neat and presentable.

They may wear trousers during office hours in form of smart lady suits with jackets long enough to cover the bosom.

“To wear modest accessories like diamond studs and puns but no chandelier earrings and to desist from tight fitting dresses and skirts.”

Nails should be kept short and neat, no long or multi-coloured nails and no exaggerated make up.

The same rules apply to male officers in their own respective way.



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