Ex-editor apologises for stealing KTN host Joy Doreen car

Ex-KTN editor Aaron Ochieng apologises to Joy Doreen Biira over car theft

Ex-KTN editor Aaron Ochieng has formally apologised to former workmate, Joy Doreen Biira, for stealing her Sh2.8m Mercedes Benz.

According to Kenyan media, Ochieng appeared before Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate, Joyce Gandani, and denied two counts of stealing and handling stolen property in January 2017.

He was later charged with stealing a motor vehicle belonging to a KTN news anchor Joy Doreen Biira.

The magistrate directed Ochieng to deposit cash bail of Sh300, 000 or execute a bond of Sh1 million to secure his freedom.

The Mercedes-Benz was stolen from Standard Group’s parking lot along Mombasa Road on December 23.


Mr Ochieng was arrested on December 30 in Kisumu and later transferred to Nairobi and detained at Industrial Area police station in connection with the theft of the workmate’s car.

The charge sheet stated that Ochieng on December 23 at Standard Group Limited offices along Mombasa Road in Nairobi jointly with others not before court stole a motor vehicle KBY 831 K Mercedes Benz class E 220 worth Sh2.8 million, the property of Joy Doreen Biira.

“On December 30, 2016 at Kondele Shopping Centre in Kisumu City otherwise than the course of stealing you dishonestly retained the said motor vehicle knowing or having reason to believe it to have been stolen,” stated the second count of handling stolen property.

Joy Doreen Biira and Aaron Ochieng will make agreement and the matter will be mentioned in Court on Friday, July 7.


In a statement, Ochieng, says Joy gave him the car keys and assured him that the guards at the gate would never stop the vehicle for inspection.

“With this assurance, I drove the vehicle out of the parking yard at around 7.30pm and true to her words, I was not stopped,” said Ochieng.

He proceeded to park the vehicle around Nyayo estate in Embakasi, Nairobi and got a motorcycle back to the office, where he assured her that he had safely hidden the vehicle.

Ochieng, who is also a news editor in the broadcast side of KTN News, later drove the vehicle to his home after he was done with the 10pm news.

He claimed that they had an agreement that he should stay calm until such a time when, “things would have calmed down,” adding that it is not true that Ms Joy did not know what was happening and that the only mistake he made was to use the vehicle immediately.

“I did not have any bad intention of changing the car registration number, but since I knew the original number had been circulated, I had no option but to change it since I had to use the vehicle for my Christmas trip,” said Mr Ochieng in his statement to the police.

On her part, Ms Joy has claimed that she had on December 23 reported to work driving the car and left her personal effects on her desk.

It was until past 10pm, when she was preparing to leave the office that she realized that her car keys were missing from the desk.

“I immediately started to trace all my movements and even asked my colleagues if they had seen my car keys but all was in vain,” said Ms Joy in her statement to the police.

She learnt that the car had actually left the gates and so she reported to the police.

The vehicle valued at Sh2.8 million was stolen from KTN’s parking yard on Mombasa Road on December 23.




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