Uganda adopts Cuban scientific technology

Museveni takes guests to his farm

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni met with a delegation of Biocubapharma/center for genetic engineering CIGB HEBERBIOTEC-Cuba represented by; Dr.C.Jesus Mena Campos, Dr.Hector Luis Machado Morals and Dr.Marisela Saurez Pedroso, at his farm in Kisozi, Gomba District.

The control of tick infestations and the transmission of tick borne diseases remains a challenge for the cattle industry in Uganda, traditional control methods have been only partially successful and the parasites continues to result in significant losses for the cattle industry.

President Museveni revealed that government has decided to adopt the Cuban scientific technology of production of vaccines to control the viral, bacterial and the multicellular pathogens in these animals.

A mutual agreement, on the adaptation of Cuban Technology for the domestic production of vaccines against ticks and tick borne diseases and the technology capacity development for the local production of livestock vaccines together with integrated tick and tick borne disease control in Uganda, was made at the same meeting.




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