Rwomushana pricks Museveni, Kagame in Rwigyema tragic tale

Fred Rwigema, a hero

Charles Rwomushana, a former state operative and senior spy blames President Yoweri Museveni and his National Resistance Movement [NRM] for the “untimely death” of the Ugandan constitution.

“The NRA occupation al – Nakba finally crushes the last remaining pillar of the 1995 constitution,” Rwomushana said, referring to a pending publication into the Uganda Gazettee of the Constitutional Amendment Bill that will scrap the presidential age limit.

According to the former head of intelligence desk at State House, the 1995 constitution has since lost its entire legitimacy.

“I had earlier noted that us the source of legislation under Idi Amin was not the people of Uganda the entire State apparatus was rooted in the people of Uganda.”

He said Tanzania overthrew Amin and was briefly an occupation force but still left core State institutions like Public Service and police, judicially intact.


Tanzania returned legitimacy and State power to the sovereign people of Uganda.

“Museveni then the cogwheel of the Ingenzi force earlier evicted from Rwanda under the Imbuyaga Revolution had undercover of the 1980 elections attempted at usurping State power but couldn’t.”

According to Rwomushana, a compromise then was that the indigenous part of the Front for National Salvation [FRONASA] group would merge with “Kikos Malum” to form the Uganda National Liberation Front [UNLA].

He says Museveni Imbuyaga remnants like Fred Rwigyema, Paul Kagame and Kahinda Otafiire took the Bush and, in their own words, captured state power.

“Our sovereignty was usurped by an alien force.”

According to Rwomushana, NRA military was structured thus: Museveni, Rwigyema, Elly Tumwine, Salim Saleh, Taddeo Kanyankole, David Tinyefuza, Matayo Kyaligonza and Joram Mugume.

Mugisha Muntu headed Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence [CMI] but the critical pillar was Kagame then head finance and administration.

When Rwigyema’s Rwanda Patriotic Army [RPA] invaded Rwanda, Muntu was elevated to army commander having earlier facilitated Kagame build a force within the RPA.

“It’s not surprising though that Kagame who earlier wasn’t part of the initial force that assaulted Rwanda took over command of RPA after the decimation of the Rwigyema command.”

Ben Mbonye was made Permanent Secretary Defence and this “was indeed critical in propelling the Kagame faction to power. Interestingly Dr Mbonye has since built a private Nakasero Hospital in lieu of the Military Hospital”.

Rwomushana says the original NRA command was obliterated and in essence, the alien component of the NRA had become an “occupation al -Nakba force”.

The 1995 Constitutional Consensus was to return power and legitimacy to the people of Uganda, he noted, clarifying that  now that part of the “NRA occupation al – Nakba had used our resources to seize Rwanda and had eyes on Zaire, we made a deal with the remnants to Stay for only 10 years only”.

“Hopefully by then they would have stolen enough for their retirement. They indeed Stole most public service houses in Kololo and chewed with their teeth all State Corporations. Museveni wanted to take our land, we refused.”

Rwomushana says the NRA occupation al – Nakba has since decided to become a Permanent future in Uganda and obliterated all the Constitutional provisions that limited power.

“Ofcourse with the removal of age limit and the protection of private property from State seizure for personal use has eroded all the legitimacy that remained of the 1995 consensus.”

He added: “I have argued before that we are further occupied by the Trinity of the Museveni family in the NRA occupation al – Nakba consensus. It’s a brutal monarchy rooted in the Bachwezi sublime mysticism that borders lunacy.”

He relates this to officials’ occupying mineral rich lands the likes of Karamoja, the Albertine graben and executing by mass murder any form of political dissent.

The Rwenzori region is decorated with mass graves, the Karamojong are now experiments of military technology the Iteso and the Kanungu Bwambara population in rich mineral ground are left to be mauled by famine and HIV AIDS.

“The NRA occupation al – Nakba is on course to dispossess the sovereign people of Uganda of our history, culture, heritage and land through mass extermination. We must stand ground and die in freedom and dignity than live under occupation and slavery.”



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