New district rejects elections for Woman MP

Polling workers get ready to open a voting station

A group of people from newly created Bunyangabu district have rejected the proposal to hold interim elections and later elections for District Chairperson and Woman Member of Parliament.

The group petitioned the Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, appealing for her intervention in the process, which they said would be a waste of resources.

“The electorate is the same, the population, jurisdiction, manpower and resources are the same to conduct LC 5 and Woman MP elections. It would be a waste of resources to conduct parallel elections and spend on the interim and later the general elections,” said John Kyaligonza, the lead petitioner.

“Madam Speaker we are not comfortable with having three different elections, that is; the interim elections; the Woman MP and the general elections of Bunyangabu District. Our plea is to hold all the elections concurrently. Newly created districts like Kagadi and Kakumiro did not go through the same,” he added.

He further said that the interim Chairperson of the District would further act as Speaker and Deputy Speaker, which will deprive the councilors the right to choose their own speakers from amongst themselves.


“How can the interim Chairperson be responsible for both roles of Speaker and Deputy Speaker? Service delivery will be low and this will create double standards and cause conflict of interest in the implementation of Government programmes,” he added.

The Speaker informed the petitioners that she had received a request on the Floor of the House from Hon. Rose Mutonyi, who indicated that the new districts were being affected by the election of the interim district chairperson only and not the Woman MP.

“Thank you for doing the citizens’ duty of alerting us on the possibility of breaching the Constitution. You cannot disenfranchise this district; they are entitled to a woman representative; democracy cannot be postponed,” she said.

The speaker further informed the members that she instructed the State Minister of Finance, Hon. David Bahati, to report to the House about the elections in the new districts.



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