Kiiza visits Congo detainee Sam Mugumya mum  

Sam Mugumya

The Leader of opposition in parliament Hon Winnie Kiiza has paid a courtesy call on the mother of former Kizza Besigye’s aide Mugumya Sam.

Kiiza who was accompanied by Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] members is in Rukungiri district, shared comforting moments with the heartbroken mother of former FDC youth activist.

In 2014, Enid Turyomurugyendo, asked government to bring back her son who was arrested and detained in Congo for allegedly supporting rebels.

“Ever since receiving the news [of Mugumya’s arrest], I have been restless, my heart and mind have never settled. I ask government to bring him back. I humbly ask God to bring Sam home, dead or alive so that I can feel at home once again,” she cried out to no avail.

According to Turyomurugyendo, Mugumya became the family’s sole bread winner after the death of his brother in a road accident.


Last month, Congo authorities served Mugumya with notice of intention to shift him and his colleagues from Ndolo military prison to the eastern capital of Beni where they will determine his fate.

In a letter to his friends and supporters in Uganda, the FDC youth suggests how Ugandans can remove President Yoweri Museveni from power.

He says Uganda is at crossroads because citizens face a stark choice to either fight or submit to tyranny.

“It is time to step back and revaluated the situation and effectiveness of our methods thus far. We must weigh our options very carefully without having an aversion or affection for any. Revolution abhors dogmatism and romanticism it rides on dynamism and realism.”

He says in this regard need to note that a country of oppressed people is but a mere territorial concept.

Mugumya says he looks forward to the day all will be reunited hopefully in an atmosphere of freedom where all will not have to constantly “watch our backs looking out for the goons in government”.

Besigye has been taking care of Mugumya and has so far spent on him over $6,000 on the detained youth.



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