Besigye donates food to starving Rukungiri

Granny gives Besigye the hug for life

Former opposition presidential candidate, Wrn Kizza-Besigye, on Monday visited the hunger-stricken people of Bwambara Sub-County in Rukungiri district.

The people of Bwambara on Monday gathered at Bwambara Sub-County to meet Besigye with Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] Political Leadership of Rukungiri District in a bid to fight hunger.

Besigye who was accompanied by FDC MPs Roland Kaginda [Rukungiri Municipality] and Fred Turyamuhweza [Rujumbura County] delivered consignments of food relief to the starving people.

On Sunday, Besigye was at Nyabihoko Catholic church in Kanyantorogo Kanungu district for a one Phillip’s Thanksgiving function.


Last month, five people died in Bwambara sub county following an outbreak of famine in the rift valley region in the district.

Hunger ravaged two parishes of Kikongi and Kikarara, both in Bwambara Sub County as a result of the long dry spell that hit the area for the last three seasons.

The dead were; Ruth Mugabiirwe , Ben Kakono both residents of Garuka cell, Wilson Kaparata of Nyakabungo B, Barnabas Tumuramye and the one only identified as Keijamahe all residents of Kifunjo Cell.

In Kikongi parish, all the 12 villages with a population of 5100 people and 1,153 households are severely affected, while in Kikarara parish, all the nine villages with a total population of 5,400 people and 1,110 households are also badly affected.

According to the Chairperson LC3, Enock Kabarebe, the sub county is one of the most water stressed areas in the district with an estimated population of 29,800 and about 6,800 households.

Also last month, opposition donated relief items to a local humanitarian relief agency, Citizens Relief Initiative (CRI) for distribution to the displaced people of Apaa parish, in Amuru district.

The donation was a timely response to the public call made by the Citizens Relief Initiative Board members’ appeal for contributions and donations from the public to support families and persons displaced by a bitter Madi-Acholi conflict over land.



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