Mao, Matembe rub salt in NRM fresh wounds

Miria Matembe, Mao, Ofwono appear on NBS TV Frontline programme every Thursday

Democratic Party [DP] President General, Norbert Mao, and former Ethics and Integrity minister, Miria Matembe, could not hide their joy after musician Robert Kyagulanyi floored the ruling party in Kyadondo East parliamentary by-election.

“Bobi Wine calls himself the Ghetto President, but remember ‘ghetto’ is national,” Mao said Thursday night while appearing on NBS TV “Frontline” programme.

According to Mao, that is how the singer managed to win, defeating NRM’s Sitenda Sebalu, FDC’s Apollo Kantinti and independents.

“This was a landslide defeat for NRM. The question is if Kyagulanyi will use his victory to transform the society or choose to enjoy the moment,” Mao stated.

He added: “Bobi Wine didn’t ask for a DP party ticket but he asked for our support.”


Matembe, although excited by the defeat of the ruling party, said she didn’t see Bobi Wine’s victory as a revolution.

“It is actually threatening. For me it’s about the people and how they perceive governance in this country. I’m not saying that Bobi Wine can go there and have nothing to talk about — it depends on why he has gone there.”

Matembe recalled Bobi Win saying he will use music in Parliament “but I don’t know how he is going to do it”.

“It doesn’t require him to go to Parliament. I would like to congratulate Bobi Wine.”

Matembe cautioned the singer not to be confused by the tile ‘honourable’, saying NRM has eaten up so many people.

Government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, who was present at the show, said NRM never underestimates any candidate or election.

“Every storm subsidizes. Bobi Wine is like a pin dropped in a bucket of water; ask me, where is Anywar, Mafabi, Mpuuga?” Opondo said.

Ms. Perry Aritua of Women’s Democracy Network Uganda (WDN-U), said Bobi Wine relates with the public and he has been running some charity programmes.

“We have to look at his background first. Bobi Wine relates with the public and he has been running some charity programs,” she noted.



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