S.Sudan deports American journalists


South Sudan government has deported three American journalists over visas issues, a spokesman for the foreign ministry said.

Mawien Makol Ariik, the foreign affairs ministry spokesman, told Radio Tamazuj today that the foreign journalists were stopped last week at the Nadapal border in the newly created Kapoeta state.

However, Mawien did not give their names or the media houses the three journalists work for.

He claimed that the foreign journalists crossed the border through Kenya without acquiring a visa at the South Sudanese embassy in Nairobi.

“The journalists were deported because they didn’t have visas. They were supposed to enter the country officially, so as government we cannot allow them to enter without any visa. We have not prevented them from coming to South Sudan but they should apply for a visa,” he said.


In early June, South Sudan Media Authority had imposed a ban on 20 foreign journalists from entering or operating in the country for what it termed “unsubstantiated and unrealistic stories”.

The regulatory body later said the foreign journalists were free to enter and operate in the country.

Denies closure of embassies in seven countries

The government on Tuesday dismissed reports it was closing down embassies in seven countries because of economic troubles stemming from the ongoing civil war.

Foreign ministry spokesman Mawien Makol Ariik said heads of diplomatic missions from United Kingdom, Sudan, Germany, India, Egypt, Uganda and Eritrea have been asked to return to the country because the period of their assignments has come to an end.

“The diplomats are asked to report themselves to the headquarters of the ministry of foreign affairs within 60 days,” Amb. Mawien told Radio Tamazuj.

Mawien pointed out that the recall was part of routine changes because the diplomats have already completed four years of assignment to specific countries.

The official confirmed the authenticity of the 14 June 2017 letter signed by the minister of foreign affairs Deng Alor and addressed to heads of missions to seven countries.

“The esteemed ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation would like to inform you that the above cited decision has been taken by the leadership of the ministry, you are therefore to avail within 60 days to expedite the process of handing over to the most senior diplomats,” reads party reads the letter.

Source: Radio Tamazuj



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