Mob beats burglars to near death in Kabalagala

The suspects were badly beaten

Serial housebreaking suspects were arrested red-handed by residents in Buziga Kabalagala division, beaten thoroughly by the angry mob before being rescued by the Kabalagala Police team.

Kabalagala division well known as “the model division” in Kampala Metropolitan Area has been characterised by a population that works hand in hand with the police in terms of vigilance and neighbourhood watch.

When the DPC Kabalagala was contacted said “the area is characterised by sensitive installations and people of different races, tribes that cannot accept criminals to infiltrate their area.

“The greatest puzzle to solve still remains “How these criminals from different areas come together to plan and commit these crimes?” wondered Kampala Metropolitan Commander, Frank Mwesigwa.

However, the OC CID Kabalagala pledged to prepare the files and arraign the suspects before the courts of law.



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