Kyadondo: Tanga blames Uhuru for Sitenda loss

Tanga Odoi

The ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] electoral commission chairman, Tanga Odoi, has blamed Kampala Central (NRM) Chairperson, Salim Uhuru, for alleging vote theft.

The NRM candidate, Sitenda Sebalu, lost the Kyadondo East constituency parliamentary seat to musician Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

Sebalu had originally lost to opposition FDC candidate, Apollo Kantinti, during the 2016 parliamentary elections.

“Everyone focuses on violations. From the incident of today, I learnt that NRM has to tame its own,” Tanga said Thursday night.

He said Uhuru is the one who created the mess in Kasangati that resulted in a riot and clashes between voters and police.


“Uhuru is the one who directed people to Kasangati resort claiming we were keeping pre-ticked ballots papers there.”

He said it was quite unfortunate that their own members were working against the party.

“Uhuru belongs to NRM. I want to call upon NRM people of that kind not to parade themselves as if they are bigger than the party”

“If they are in the party in the day and another party in the night, then they should come clean,” Tanga clarified.

He went on: “It’s quite unfortunate that our own people are being implicated in this rumour.”

According to Tanga, you must have too thick skin to be in politics, otherwise if you have a week heart, you collapse because of rumours.

Uhuru denies

In response, Salim denied the allegations that he is behind the rumour of vote theft to favour Sitenda.

“The NRM has several seats in Kampala division. Losing one seat is not as effectual,” Salim said.

He observed that the NRM introduced the multi-party governance system and now people have decided who they want to represent them.



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