Museveni unlike Besigye, losing grip on Kampala-lawyer 

President Yoweri Museveni

Robert Kirunda, Makerere University School of law, Law and Jurisprudence Department, Faculty Member, says President Yoweri Museveni continues to lose support in central region than his opposition nemesis, Kizza Besigye.

“President Museveni has been losing effect on the people of the central region compared to Besigye,” Kirunda said Wednesday while appearing on NBS television.

He said Museveni is still in control over regions outside Kampala, a fact proved by the mammoth crowds that turned up at singer Bobi Wine’s rally in Gayaza while Museveni addressed a handful of NRM supporters in Kasangati all in Wakiso district.

“Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) comes in as a third force. He found himself in a situation that he did not orchestrate,” Kirundi noted.

He said if Bobi Wine loses the vote, Uganda is going to have a discontented citizenry with people going to court.

Victoria University

Kirunda: The person who ordered the arrest of Robert Kyagulanyi made a tactical blunder.

Host: Why?

Kirunda: He handed Mr. Kyagulanyi swift victory. I however do not expect this election to favour Robert Kyagulanyi. I am sure he is not going to win.

Host: Should we expect voter apathy in this election?

Kirunda: Yes. Because of the temperature of elections in Kyadondo. The stakes are very high. It is new to see 3 top candidates going head-to-head.

According to Kirunda, people are discontent and they are looking for where to channel their emotions.

“If a candidate is arrested, people will channel hate to NRM. If I were in the NRM, I would have not suggested the arrest of Bobi Wine.”

Lawyer/Economist Patrick Katabazi, on the other hand, said Kyadondo By-election race includes three strong people that was initially not the case.

“There is a disconnect between government and the people that is why we have people coming up with “Bikwase gundi”,” he noted.

Katabaazi said it is only after they realise that the person they thought would do things differently has still not fulfilled his promises hence people need to be sensitised by government about what is on ground.

“I have keenly followed how President Museveni works. He would rather have an independent candidate than an FDC candidate win in Kyadondo.”

He added: “I am very sure NRM wouldn’t let FDC win over the Kyadondo East region. They would rather have an independent candidate win.”

Katabaazi concluded that the fire in the NRM camp in Kyadondo East is not as Ugandans usually see it.



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