‘Uganda reign of terror: ministers panic, mayors in Nalufenya’

UPDF soldier and Police officers rough up a man who was participating in a protest

Joseph Tumushabe, the chief executive officer and founder of Centre for Research and Development [Ceredev], a research firm based in Tanzania, has predicted doom for the ruling Ugandan government.

Tumushabe is a former Principal National Researcher at Single Mothers & Chid Support Agency [SMOCSA] which is a non-profit making, NGO registered in Uganda and Italy.

According to Tumushabe, something worthy all his energy is “a future without Museveni family”, which he claims has unleashed a reign of terror on the country.

“Ministers are in panic. Mayors are Nalufenyad. Factions are positioning themselves.”

His worries coincided with Eid Al Fitr prayers in Kabale District which were dominated by condemnation against torture of suspects at Nalufenya security detention facility in Jinja district.


While attending prayers at Ndorwa Mosque in Kabale Municipality, Muslims clerics at the prayers decried and condemned the way police at Nalufenya harassed suspects some of whom are Muslims.

Issa Tindyebwa, the chairperson for Kabale district Muslim supreme council, is quoted by Uganda Radio Network wondering why security agencies especially Uganda police force has resorted to targeting Muslims calling them terrorists.

Tindyebwa said Islam does not condone terrorism and that they were disturbed to see suspects accused of murdering Assistant Inspector General Police (AIGP) Andrew Felix Kaweesi, being tortured at Nalufenya police detention without being tried in courts of law.

Reign of terror?

Tumushabe who was sharing his sentiments with a worried regime insider at the close of last week, said being royal does not mean one is trusted and not spied.

“It’s a reign of terror. No one is safe. Generals are dying speaking and cursing, others in their sleep in the air, dying of illnesses no one knew about. Others are clobbered or gunned down gangster style.”

He said this is not limited to only spying but that people were being sent on a mission to hasten their trips yonder [the afterlife].

“If for three weeks he can disappear and no word is heard from his mouth, who are you to imagine your royalty to the tyrant will save you?”

He continues: “Working for the tyrant is like rearing a lion. You have more than a reasonable chance of ending in its tummy.”

In his Eid Mubarak message to the Muslim community, Jeema Political Party President, Asuman Basalirwa, requested Muslim brothers and sisters and the entire country, in mosques and churches to pray to the almighty God to avert the pending catastrophe that may befall Uganda because of uncertainty that surrounds the topmost political seat in the country.

“There are rumours that the current head of state is doing everything humanly possible to change the constitution to allow him rule this country for life,” Basalirwa said.

He added: “This is unacceptable and dishonesty on the part of Mr. Museveni. I call upon peace loving Ugandans to do everything in their power to resist this temptation by talking to their parliamentary representatives to be patriotic when confronted with this satanic act.”



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