Rage as Magufuli bans pregnant girls from schools

Thousands of girls in Tanzania leave school each year because due to pregnancy

Twitter users continue to tear into Tanzanian President John Magufuli for his remarks that girls impregnated while still in school should not be allowed to resume their studies.

The Solidarity for African Women’s rights (SOAWR) said Magufuli’s remarks went overboard given his position as head of a nation.

“When you are a president, there are certain statements that should never be associated with you.”

SOAWAR is a group of 50 organisations in 25 AU states working on ratification, domestication and full implementation of the AU Women’s Rights Protocol.

Edwin Kiprotich said Magufuli was wrong to have assumed that all teenage mothers had willingly been in the motherhood situations, adding that being young mothers should not be used to define them.

Victoria University

“Magufuli should understand that one isn’t defined by a one day incident. There’s more to life and education is important #StopMagufuli”

Careen Cheruiyot noted that the President’s remarks were a show of backwardness.

“President Magufuli why do you want to take two steps back??? Pregnancy is not contagious.”

The President on Friday rejected activists’ calls for the government to allow pregnant students to attend state schools, saying it was immoral for young girls to be sexually active.

“In my administration, as long as I am president … no pregnant student will be allowed to return to school. We cannot allow this immoral behaviour to permeate our primary and secondary schools … never,” he said.

Tanzania’s ban on pregnant girls attending state primary and secondary schools dates back to 1961, when the country secured its independence from Britain, though it does not extend to private schools.

More than 55,000 Tanzanian schoolgirls have been expelled from school over the last decade for being pregnant, the Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR) said in a report in 2013.

Source: The Star Kenya



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