Kaija attacks Ugandan officials lavish lifestyle

Kampala's Most Luxurious Hotel-Speke Resort Munyonyo

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] deputy secretary general, Harold Kaija, has raised concerns regarding the way government officials indulge in luxuries and bleed the country dry.

Kaija noted that his hear was low in reference to government officials in President Yoweri Museveni’s regime and how they are extravagantly spending public funds to achieve their selfish ends.

“Whenever is hear that a VIP is sick,” Kaija says, “if they are not abroad somewhere in Kenya, South Africa, India, Europe or US, they are in Private Hospitals here at Case Clinic, Nakasero hospital, Kampala International Hospital [IHK] etc.

“I ask myself if they can’t be admitted to the Health Centres they proudly talk of, am I safe to go there?” he wondered.

The opposition politician says whenever he hears about the children of these officials, if they not at school abroad in Kenya, Europe, Asia or USA, they are here in Kampala attending Private Schools and International Schools.

Victoria University

“I ask myself, if they can’t take their children to UPE schools that they proudly talk of, will my child find their knowledge or they are “Free of Knowledge” as Prof. Lumumba put it!”

When he hears them farming, they are opening square miles of land, have latest agro-equipment; tractors, planters, weeders, harvesters, irrigation facilities etc, which other ordinary Ugandans cannot afford.

“I ask myself, if they can’t use “Bottle Irrigation” and also join OWEC, am I safe farming using such methods?”

When he hears them go for holiday, if they are not at Beaches in Mombasa, Miami, visiting Dubai, Europe etc, they are here in Game Parks and the 5 Star Hotel.

“I ask myself, is visiting my ancestral home in the village and on many occasions I fail considered as holiday!”

When he hears them shopping, if they are not abroad somewhere in Nairobi, Johannesburg, London, Paris, New York, Washington DC etc, they are here at Forest Mall, Nakumatt etc.

“I ask myself is this shopping? Going to Owino which is threatened by “investors”, Kisenyi which is now on fire, roadside markets where as am bargaining a law enforcement office comes and the seller runs away or if he isn’t lucky he is arrested!”

When the roads are bad, instead of fixing them, they [Museveni’s officials] buy vehicles that don’t feel the pothole or even fly and when it’s too hot, they have Air Conditioners (AC) in their homes, offices and cars.

When Kaija hears them [Museveni’s officials] talk about patriotism, he sees them get “Handshakes” for “loving” their country.

“I ask myself, the teachers, doctors, policemen etc who work for peanuts and don’t get a “Handshake.” Ain’t they Patriotic?”

This is in reference to the Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE) report that is pushing 42 government official to refund the Shs 6 billion presidential handshake they enjoyed for winning an oil case in UK.



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