Uganda natural beauty takes Lungu’s breath away

Museveni shows Lungu and Guterres Uganda's natural beauty

At the climax of Uganda Refugees Summit, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni took off time to show the natural beauty of Uganda to H.E Edgar Lungu of Zambia and UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres.

In May, South African president, Jacob Zuma, praised the scenic beauty of Uganda, affirming that indeed the small East African nation deserves to be called the Pearl of Africa.

Zuma reiterated the tremendous role of tourism in boosting and sustaining not only the South African economy but all economies on the African continent singling out Uganda for the transformation tourism has played in boosting the economy.

“Africa has long been regarded as the world’s Eden. The time has come to bring the world home, to the cradle of humankind, Africa,” he said.

Some of the dancers at the summit
Victoria University

President Zuma specifically highlighted the “scenic beauty of Uganda” describing it as indeed the “Pearl of Africa with the majestic Lake Victoria climaxing the beauty of this East African country”.

On Friday, Museveni proved Zuma’s assertion when he showed Guterres and Lungu the expanse of Lake Victoria and the green vegetation in the area.

The beauty of the local dance

The refugees summit was held at Munyonyo on the shores of L. Victoria- Africa’s largest lake by area.

Lake Victoria is also the World’s second largest fresh water lake, by surface area.

A dancer at the Nile basin summit

Earlier, Museveni addressed the Uganda Solidarity Summit on Refugees Friday at Speke Resort Munyoyo under the theme ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’.

The Summit was co-hosted by Museveni and the United Nations (UN) Secretary General, Guterres.

It raised $358.5 million in pledges with Gabon pledging $250,000, Somalia $100,000, Kenya $200,000 and United Arab Emirates [UAE] $5million.



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