Gen Jeje plotting to arrest me-MP Olanya

Gilbert Olanya being arrested by police

The Kilak county Member of Parliament, Gilbert Olanya, says Minister for Internal Affairs, Jeje Odongo, is threatening to have him arrested for speaking out on Apaa parish land clashes.

“Jeje Odongo threatened to arrest me,” Olanya said, adding “he told me in parliament on Wednesday ‘Olanya I will arrest you this time and you will not blame me”

Olanya said even the late Internal Affairs minister, Gen Aronda Nyakairima had threatened him before the legislator was actually taken by gunmen.

“I remember even the late Aronda told me in parliament that he would cause an arrest and he did so.”

Olanya insisted the Madi crossed to the side of Acholi, killed mercilessly, others were killed right from their home, others from the garden digging for their family while others were found walking and killed.

Victoria University

“Now government wants to arrest Acholi leaders, yet perpetrators of the atrocities like Gen Moses Ali is at large and we have list of those who participated in the killing.”

He said the list was forwarded to security for further investigations yet no one has been arrested and “I don’t think they will do so”.

“Now they have finalised their plans of arresting Olanya. What a crazy country? Never think that Acholi are so desperate!”

Olanya said no matter what they do, he will not allow government mafias to grab people’s land.

“We shall be killed but our children will continue defending our property.”



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