Kayihura tests new police cage arrest vans

New police arrest vans

Uganda Police Force has acquired new vans to help officers in their daily struggle to curb crime across the country.

Kayihura checks out new police vans

The Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura inspected two samples of the police arrest vans at police headquarters in Naguru.

The vans were designed with a fixed cage in the rear of the vehicle with cushioned seats that are intended to provide suspects with the necessary comfort.

Victoria University

Kayihura also hosted the Vice President of the German Federal Police-BKA Mr. Micheal Krestcmer together with his team at Police Headquarters Naguru for a three days working visit.

Kayihura checks the interior of the van

Kretscmer who heads the German Federal Police, today visited the police training school-Kabalye in Masindi district and donated an assortment of items to the school.

Kayihura and Kretscmer

The items include: A Toyota Land cruiser, 10 laptops, 10 projectors, white boards, 10 digital cameras and 1000 classroom chairs.



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