Tamale: Kazinda stupid, Tanga sleeps like a frog

NRM Electoral Commission boss Dr Tanga Odoi

A year later since presidential advisor on media matters last clashed with the ruling party National Resistance Movement [NRM] electoral commission chairman, Tamale Mirundi has once again reawakened the old enmity.

Appearing on NBS TV Tuesday, Mirundi said currently, Dr. Tanga Odoi who used to belittle him, sleeps like a frog, especially after the loudmouth turns out to be right on most things he criticises.

In June 2016, Tanga threatened to sue Mirundi for calling him inept after several NRM MPs were ejected from parliament due to lack of academic qualifications.

“Mirundi is nothing,” Tanga lashed out, calling Mirundi a drunkard.

But Mirundi who was today tackling current issues on television, maintained that whatever he says comes true [case in point-Tanga’s incompetence and the resultant loss of seats by MPs].

Victoria University

“Tanga Odoi used to call me a drunkard, but he now sleeps like a frog,” Mirundi said, sounding a new warning against the creation of more districts.

“Can Uganda afford to give more districts? Why should we keep the country on tenterhooks because of districts?” Mirundi wondered.

“Let them have the districts and if they fail, they will learn,” he pointed out, quoting a proverb: ‘If you see your husband coming to the kitchen, just know you have failed to cook’.

Kazinda is stupid

“If you deliver good services to the government, you will die a pauper,” Mirundi noted, citing the case of former Principle Accountant in the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) Geoffrey Kazinda.

Uganda’s Anti-Corruption Court handed Kazinda a 5-year jail sentence last month after finding him guilty of conspiring with three others to defraud government of Shs316 million worth of fuel drawn by non-existent OPM vehicles that were meant to carry relief to disaster victims.

Kazinda still has a pending case file for trial where he is jointly charged with officials of the Finance Ministry for allegedly misappropriating Shs21 billion from the NRDP funds meant to rehabilitate the war torn Northern Uganda.

“Kazinda was stupid, he thought Amama Mbabazi [former Prime Minister] would become president and he became arrogant.”

Mirundi went on: “He came to my place at night for advice. I even found out we are related.”

Uganda’s problem

According to Mirundi, Uganda’s problem is its small economy which has forced people to resort to underhand methods of acquiring wealth.

He cited a case of former AIGP Felix Kaweesi who was in March gunned down in Kampala saying Kaweesi murderers will be captured in the next government, not this one.

“Every time you make the Kaweesi family cry, I hear we have found the culprits but you can’t bring them to justice. He stole land from them.”

According to Mirundi, there is no big issue in Uganda, it’s just that “we are running a small economy and confusing each other”.

“How can you create a monopoly in a free economy? A money lender knows who can pay and who can’t. They can’t give money to someone is who capable of repaying the loan.”

He says even banks have also become money lenders. “You people don’t know Uganda.”



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