Scammers mix Bank of Uganda in recruitment hoax  

Christine Alupo

A group of scammers have been circulating a message on social media platforms calling upon applicants for enumeration jobs in Bank of Uganda.

Christine B Alupo, the Director Communications at the central bank, said she has received many enquiries about such a message circulating on WhatsApp.

In the message, the Bank of Uganda is purportedly seeking to recruit enumerators to carry out an “Integrated Financial Consumers” survey.

“The public is hereby informed that the said announcement is a hoax,” Alupo said on Monday.

She called the message the handiwork of unknown unscrupulous persons and “should therefore be disregarded”.

Victoria University

According to Alupo, all announcements related to vacancies in the Bank of Uganda are made through mainstream print media as well as the Bank’s existing digital platforms (Website, Facebook and Twitter), and not initiated informally through WhatsApp.

In 2015, scammers circulated on social media that Bank of Uganda (BoU) had issued a Shs100,000 note.

In a communication, the Central Bank informed the public that they have not issued any new denomination of Uganda currency and does not plan to do so in the near future.

That was the second time such a hoax was happening.

In January of the same year, an image of a fake Shs7,000 banknote was also circulated on Social media.



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