Museveni, Wakiso women go down low in dance gala

Museveni, Wakiso woman go down low in dance fete

President Yoweri Museveni on Monday challenged Wakiso women to a dancing fete at the district headquarters leaving onlookers dazed with awe.

Dressed in a white shirt and signature hat, Museveni took on a woman donning a yellow dress and kiganda dancing finery, dancing the evening away.

The visibly elated woman shook her booty while the president waved his arms and wiggled his waist like there was no tomorrow.

The woman taunting Museveni with Kiganda dance moves

He was presiding over the graduation of 1,760 students who completed a three-month women and youth empowerment skills training in Wakiso District.

The training, facilitated by Wakiso Woman MP Rosemary Sseninde, saw the trainees get skills hair dressing, fashion and design, decoration and baking.

Museveni giving up and waving for the woman not to break his back
Victoria University

He said the government will continue to do its work of developing the country.

“For example we have worked on the road from Kalagi to Kasangati and other roads using our own money.”

He added: “However, development is for everyone. Individuals must look at their own wealth. For example if you own a maize mill, it creates you wealth.”

According to the president, since 1995, government has initiated poverty eradication programmes like Entandikwa, NAADs, Youth & Women Funds, and Operation Wealth Creation.

Some leaders have argued that these programmes have not performed well due to dearth of skills. It is why the government introduced Skilling Uganda.

“I therefore commend Hon Rosemary Sseninde for supplementing government efforts. She is helping eradicate poverty by imparting skills and creating employment. I will support this project in all ways possible.”



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