Lukwago: Kamya paid councillors for City Hall hooliganism  

Mayor Lukwago and Minister Kamya

Kampala Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago, has vented out the anger he has been holding since yesterday’s City Hall meeting that ended prematurely.

The meeting attended by KCCA councillors, mayors, division councillors and Kampala minister, Beti Kamya, was supposed to discuss the KCCA Amendment Bill 2015.

Lukwago called off the meeting amid heckling and chaos in which lower level councillors said their views were not being considered.

Lukwago says the confusion was orchestrated by Minister Kamya and some councillors who were reportedly paid for that purpose.

“I called for the authority meeting to debate KCCA amendment Bill 2015. I even invited Minister Kamya. It turned out that some councillors from division councils had been hired to interrupt the meeting. They kept heckling,” Lukwago said on Tuesday while appearing on NBS TV “morning breeze” programme.

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“It was very hard for me to conduct the meeting and I was forced to adjourn the meeting to Thursday this week,” he added.

Lukwago says he got the message from some sympathisers and that there is no doubt that the chaos was organised by Minister Kamya.

“I gathered this information that Minister Kamya had held a meeting with some member and division urban councillors. It also happened that Minister Namugwanya [Benna- State Minister for Kampala Capital City Authority] out of the blue promised to increase salaries for division urban councillors and KCCA councillors.”

Luwkago says the bottom line here is those people (division urban councillors) were not free agents.

“They were hired. It wasn’t defiance. It was hooliganism. With defiance people challenge the status quo with valid reasons.”

He added: “Why did they hire goons to overrun the authority? When apportioning the blame, you need to point it to Minister Kamya.”

Lukwago noted that what they witnessed yesterday explains what is behind the KCCA Amendment Bill 2015.

“Why would she have to do things behind closed doors? If it were members protesting how I conduct KCCA business, then it would be a different case.”

Lukwago observed that if it were authority councillors who were heckling, he would go back to the drawing board and do some soul searching.



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