Kadaga rolls out reusable sanitary pads for girls


The Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon Rebecca Kadaga, has rolled out the distribution of reusable sanitary pads to girls in Kamuli district.

A total of 450 pupils and students benefited in the drive, which was intended to reduce the number of girls dropping out of school.

The function was held at Naminage Mixed Primary School in Kamuli district on Monday 19th June 2017.

Kadaga said that during their menstruation period, many girls either stayed at home, while some left school forever.

“We are giving these pads to you in order for you to stay in school even during your monthly periods,” she said.

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Hon Kadaga said that with having the pads and being able to stay in school, the girls will be able to compete with their male counterparts who are always in school. She advised the girls to ensure proper hygiene and always keep their pads in the bags provided.

“I appeal to you to keep the pads clean, maintain proper hygiene and avoid infections,” she said.

Girls in primary schools received a pack of two reusable pads and two undergarments, while those in secondary school received a pack of two pads and four undergarments.

Among the schools that benefitted from the programme are, Naminage Mixed Primary School, Bugabula Secondary School, Inland Secondary School and St Leo Primary School Buganzi all in Kamuli.

Esther Nalugonda, the Senior Woman Teacher of Naminage Mixed Primary School, thanked the Speaker for the initiative and encouraged government to deliver more pads to keep more girls in school throughout the year.

Ms. Nalugonda also appreciated Plan International for assisting the school in form of reusable sanitary pads and funds to cater for emergencies.

Kurusumu Naikanga, a student of Bugabula SSS appealed to the Speaker to cover all girls in the district. She said that several girls feared to go to school during this time due lack of pads, while some ended up using old clothes to act as pads.

“These reusable and portable pads plus undergarments will work for us since some girls have been forced to share knickers during the monthly periods,” said Naikanga.



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