Yona calls Museveni a monarch & senior land grabber

Yona Kanyomozi mows his compound

A seasoned politician and Uganda People’s Congress [UPC] strongman, Hon. Yona Kanyomozi, says Ugandans are now ruled by monarchs with President Yoweri Museveni at the top.

According to the former minister in Milton Obote’s government, Ugandans are too tolerant for having accepted to be thus ruled for over 30 years now.

“The MPs are letting Ugandans down. They will accept money just to change term limits,” Kanyomozi predicted while discussing the recent land clashes on NBS television Monday morning.

Host: Are Ugandans tolerant?

Kanyomozi: They are too tolerant.

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Host: What can be cause?

Kanyomozi: They are ruled by monarchs.

He said people do not pay attention to what the country has become under the same ruler-ship.

Host: Is there hope of solving political fall-outs by dialogue?

Kanyomozi: It is not possible yet.

According to Kanyomozi, a dialogue can only happen if the people in power are being affected by a threat.

He said a dialogue could have happened but when opposition revealed that they won the elections, the ruling party withdrew.

“The only way a dialogue can happen between the opposition and the ruling party is when the former adheres to rules of engagement.”

Host: Does the president’s longevity affect the country?

Kanyomozi: It stagnates development and cripples opinion.

Host: What should Ugandans brace themselves for if Museveni stands for presidency again?

Kanyomozi: Disaster.

Host: But doesn’t President Museveni’s stay in power prove him a tested leader who knows everything?

Kanyomozi: If he knows everything and has been tested long enough, why are we having land clashes and killings in Apaa?

According to him, there is something more intricate about the Apaa land clashes, calling the visit to Amuru by Prime Minister Ruhakana Ruganda as a PR stunt.

“He [Rugunda] never visited the affected area. The land question has so many things to look at; one, it has a lot of history involved.

He said the land commission will touch on some issues but if they don’t resolve how much land one can own, there won’t be a solution.

“Land is a problem because of unequal distribution of land. Some people have too much while many people have none.

According to Kanyomozi, the problem in regard to land is not the law, it is the will of the people.

He said people of Uganda are not willing to execute the land laws that have been there before.

Asked whether former presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye’s campaign to go around the country sensitizing people about their land rights was feasible, Kanyomozi said the only problem was that government would not allow him to do.

“The government is not ready to be shamed,” he said.

Host: Do you think Museveni is concerned by the land clashes?

Kanyomozi: No. He is not because he is also a land grabber.



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