Unemployed youth threat to security-Oulanyah

Oulanyah in Malta

“There is a strong link between security and development. Security enhances stability which guarantees development and it is only inclusive development that consolidates development.”

The Rt Hon Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah made these remarks while speaking on the challenges in the field of the security-development nexus in the African Caribbean Pacific (ACP) and European Union (EU) countries.

This was during the joint meeting of the Committee of Political Affairs in Malta, Saturday, 17th June 2017.

Oulanyah said that it is therefore, imperative to deal with the challenges that impede the inclusive development like youth unemployment calling it a huge threat which is bringing about disequilibrium.

“Unemployed youth are a threat; they are easily radicalized. Violent extremism and terrorism are executed by young people who have no opportunity to do work, they should do to survive,” he said.

Victoria University

The Deputy Speaker also added that some countries have big informal sectors which he said was a threat to security calling for a reduction of this sector.

“A lot of people walk into the cities and have no jobs. They just wait for a disaster to happen and then become a problem becoming raw material from which the violent conduct is manufactured,” he stated.

He said that, “there is need to adopt policies that will reduce the informal sector and enhance savings.”

Oulanyah who is heading Uganda’s delegation to the ACP-EU Meet also called for inclusive governance adding that people will say, ‘we either share government or we will share the country’.

He said that the situation has led to insurgencies, civil wars and claims to self-determination and secession.

“We must insist that development is about people, the success of all other policies is measured by how they work to improve the condition of the people. In the end, we must give equal opportunities to all but also demand equal responsibility from all,” he added.

On the climate change challenges, Oulanyah said that these are threatening human security and livelihood by putting pressure on the water sources and arable land leading to conflict.

The report on the challenges of the security development nexus presented by co-rapporteur Mohammed Goumaneh and Enrique Guerrero recommended that there is need to strengthen regional partnerships in the field of peace and security by providing support to the various peace and security mechanisms in each region.

“Given the instability that can arise from non-inclusive governance systems, which fuel discontent and spark internal unrest, it is important to have more stability by promoting inclusive governance and ownership systems,” the report states.

The Ugandan delegation to the ACP-EU Parliamentary Assembly also includes Hon. Jack Wamanga Wamai (Mbale Municipality) and Hon. Juliet Ssubi Kinyamatama (Rakai District) and Uganda’s  Deputy Head of Mission to Rome, Italy, Ambassador Mumtaz Kassam.

The Meeting that started on 14th June will close on 22nd June 2017.



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