TVO insists Kayihura tested for poison in Turkey

Kayihura at Entebbe airport on return from Turkey

Police Chief Kale Kayihura returned to the country on Sunday from Turkey where he had gone on official duties, according to police spokesman, Asan Kasingye.

Over the weekend, pictures circulated showing Kayihura with Prof. Dr. Mete Korkut is the head of Forensic Science and Pathology Department at Adana Çukurova University in Turkey and the Ugandan deputy ambassador to Turkey, Moses Kasujja.

Kayihura was visiting Adana Forensic University, 650 Kms away from Ankara where a team of Uganda police officers are expected to visit at the end of the month.

The most elusive government social media critic, Tom Voltaire Okwalinga aka TVO, insisted that Kayihura was not on official duties but had actually gone to test for poisoning in his body.

In what he called “the only accurate news”, TVO reminded his followers that police spokesperson Kasingye had told the nation last Monday that Kayihura was coming on Wednesday same week.

Kayihura at Entebbe airport on return from Turkey
Victoria University

“They had hoped that the results of the tests he took at a Turkish hospital to detect poison in his body would be ready by then. The tests delayed and he postponed and only got the results Saturday and left turkey yesterday [Sunday],” TVO narrated.

The social media critic claims there was nothing official Kayihura was doing in Turkey and that the people he was seen with at Sheraton Grand Hotel in the city of Adana were his doctors who work at this specialist hospital.

“According to my intel, Kale Kayihura, currently the most hated man in Uganda, checked out of Sheraton grand hotel in Adana city, Turkey Sunday morning, and took a domestic Turkish airlines flight to Istanbul enroute to Entebbe.”

TVO says during his sojourn in Adana city, Kayihura went through medical tests at a specialised hospital to determine whether he had been poisoned.

“The talk that he was on official duty is deceptive.”

But Kayihura reassured the public that he is in good health and that alarms by Ugandans show they care about him.

“Am on business here (in Turkey), but I will grant interviews when I am back,” he told Daily Monitor over the weekend.



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