Mafabi confesses FDC is in a financial crisis

Nandala Mafabi

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] party Secretary General, Nandala Mafabi, has revealed that the opposition party is currently in a financial crisis.

“FDC is in a financial crisis. There is no money to run party activities,” Mafabi confessed over the weekend.

Now FDC plans to start campaign drives to raise funds to run the party.

“We are going to do fundraising campaigns to raise Shs15bn from members,” Mafabi said.

The Shs15bn was approved as the secretariat budget for July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 period at the party’s 10th National Council meeting held at Najjanankumbi head offices on Saturday.

Victoria University

The two-day meeting that started on Friday also discussed the upcoming elections and the need to amend the constitution to allow in more members as well as recalling the elderly members of the party.

According to Mafabi Shs5.9bn of the said budget will go to workshops and training leaders, Shs2.1bn will be used to popularise the party and Shs310m for the party’s delegates conference in November this year.

Mafabi expects to raise the money by lobbying FDC MPs, party capacity building contribution by electoral commission, sale of party cards and publicity materials, development partners and intensive fundraising.

Mafabi said he also suspects that some people sold ‘fake’ party cards last year to eke a living.

He said all cards with the former party Secretary General Alice Alaso’s signature on are null and void.

“Nobody should take them as cards now. We are now issuing cards with my own signature in ink, not photocopy,” he said.

Speaking on the same event, the party president, Mugisha Muntu, reminded members that the party foundations are built on the grassroots.

He says to get power, the party must solve its internal conflicts and strengthen its grassroots base so as to handle the challenges President Yoweri Museveni will leave behind once he is out of power.

“With all the challenges Museveni is going to leave behind which are immense. We need to prepare ourselves for that eventually as a party. We will not escape that challenge.”



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