Besigye: If I join Museveni, I’d be stoned to death

Museveni and Besigye shake hands at last year's presidential debate

Former presidential candidate Kizza Besigye has said Ugandan don’t follow individuals but ideas that are beneficial to their well-being.

Besigye was on Saturday speaking at the 10th FDC National Council Meeting held at Najjanankumbi offices along Entebbe road.

“Ugandans don’t follow individuals, they follow ideas, Ugandans follow people who carry their interests, they don’t follow Besigye,” he said.

He added: “Imagine if I called for a rally and told people that we should join Museveni, what their reaction would be? I think I can even be stoned to death.”

Besigye gave an example of Kampala Minister, Beti Kamya, who he said used to be admired and followed by many and now her home is surrounded by military.

Victoria University

“The military is protecting her from people that admired her.”

He also cited a case of 2001 when Hajji Nasser Ntege Ssebagala was a darling to very many Ugandans wondering what went wrong.

“Now tell me, where is Sebaggala? Can he move on Kampala streets without security?”

Besigye maintained that Ugandans follow people that carry their interests.

“Because I clearly have no doubt that wherever you go in Uganda this is the party [FDC] that gives our people hope in the country.”

He said part of that hope is indeed the level of organisation that is in FDC where you will find party organs functioning as they should, that you have representatives here from every district who are real representatives of the district.

Besigye said FDC leaders are physically on the ground in districts and constituencies.

Angry at land law

Later on his social media, Besigye predicted an upcoming disaster while responding to a Cabinet proposal for the amendment Bill to the Land Act, 1998, to allow forceful acquisition of land and compensate land or property owners later, especially for large infrastructure projects.

Deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana told Sunday Monitor that the “principles of the Bill were cleared” and are before the First Parliamentary Counsel to draft adjustments to the land law.

The draft Bill will be tabled before Parliament any time soon.

“DISASTER CLOSER: Draft law on forceful seizure of land passed by “Cabinet”!! Ugandans get ready- never say you weren’t told,” Besigye tweeted.

Land minister Betty Amongi, said the amendments are intended to shorten the bureaucracy involved in acquisition of land for projects by allowing government to start the projects pending negotiations on compensations with the affected persons.

According to Besigye, even the Commission of Inquiry headed by Justice Catherine Bamugemereire is not expected to do much having failed in the past.

“Independent inquiry into Kasese, Amuru and other recent focal areas of violence is vital,” Besigye suggested, saying the government instituted commission has failed.

Bamugemereire told press on Friday that the Commission has so far received about 1600 land-related complaints mainly from Luweero and Wakiso districts.

Some of the complaints according to Justice Bamugemereire were registered at the Commission’s complaints desk in Kampala.



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