You’re a liar, MPs clash on TV show

MPs Olanya and Ababiku

There was tension on Thursday night as two legislators clashed on a television show over the recent Apaa land clashes that have claimed lives in Amuru and Adjumani districts.

Hon. Gilbert Olanya (Kilak South County MP) and Hon. Ababiku (Adjumani WMP) nearly removed their gloves as they disagreed on Amuru land question while appearing on “NBS Frontline” programme.

Hon. Ababiku kicked off the discussion by accusing fellow legislators of fuelling land wrangles just after Olanya had accused first deputy Prime Minister, Gen Moses Ali, of being behind the conflicts.

“First of all, I want to say that MPs are the ones instigating the clashes and Gen. Ali didn’t sell any land,” Ababiku stated.

She said Hon. Olanya is the team leader of the people who are instigating these clashes.

Victoria University

“This issue didn’t start yesterday. It was started by political leaders especially Olanya. I have the evidence,” she went on, opening a Parliamentary report.

She said that to say the map of UK is final to confirm boundaries of this country is ‘fake’.

“I believe Olanya mobilized/ferried these people. If you go there after 6 months, you will not find them there.”

This was corroborated by government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, who maintained that people were ferried from Pabbo to Apaa to cause clashes.

Hon. Olanya, in defence, said what his colleague was explaining was quite wrong.

Olanya said he wasn’t part of the committee Ababiku was talking about.

In 2005, Gen. Ali gave to an investor because the land was vacant [the Acholi were still in camps], Olanya explained.

The dramatic exchange

Olanya: We want security to be provided and let people cultivate. People are stuck in camps.

Ababiku: We want government to solve this. We are tired. Our people are in camps.

Olanya: But Adjumani is not affected. Which camp?

Ababiku: I have proved that Olanya is a liar. I have showed you the documents. Hon. Olanya is mobilising the event beyond Amuru.

Olanya: It’s unfortunate that my colleague (Ababiku) was coached poorly. We want government to degazette that land and let people live in.

Ababiku: No! No! We don’t want.



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