Tanzania tabloid banned for mixing Kikwete, Mkapa in minerals saga

Mawio published a story implicating Kikwete and Mkapa in a minerals saga

A Tanzanian tabloid, Mawio, which linked former presidents Jakaya Kikwete and Benjamin Mkapa to the ongoing minerals saga has been banned for two years.

Country’s Minister for Information, Culture, Arts & Sports Dr Harrison Mwakyembe said he was left with ‘no option but to ban the newspaper for 24 months’

In a statement, Dr Harrison Mwakyembe said “I have been left with no other option than to use powers conferred to me by the information services Act to impose a ban on Mawio from publication for the next 24 months.”

Earlier this week, a presidential commission revealed that the country lost $88bn over a period of 19 years due to mining companies under-reporting the amount of minerals they have been exporting.

Apart from printing, the newspaper will also not be allowed to run the digital version or on its social platforms and the ban will be effected immediately


This comes after President Magufuli warned media against linking Mkapa and Kikwete to the mineral disputes saying they have done a great work in serving the country.

“Media should stop tarnishing their reputation. They have done a great work in serving this country. We should let them rest,” the President Magufuli said.

Source: Agencies



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