Sim box fraudster handed 12 months in jail

Sim box fraudster jailed

Buganda Road Magistrate James Ereemye Mawanda on Friday, June 16, 2016, sentenced Geoffrey Kasule who was on June 8 convicted June 8 on his own plea of guilt on all the three counts brought against him.

Kasule was charged with unauthorised use or interception of computer service contrary to section 15 of the computer misuse act, electronic fraud c/s 19 of the computer misuse act, and operation of a telecommunications system without a license c/s 78&22 of the UCC act.

He was yesterday sentenced to 12 months in prison for three offences: 1) Unauthorised use of interception of computer services contrary to Section 15 of the Computer Misuse Act; 2) Electronic Fraud contrary to Section 19 of the Computer Misuse Act, and; 3) Establishing, operating and providing telecommunications services without a licence from the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) contrary to Sections 78 and 22 of the UCC Act 2013.

The accused pleaded guilty to all the accounts and he was convicted on his own plea of guilty.

Prosecution had prayed court to give the accused a deterrent sentence (Count 1 attracts life imprisonment, and Count 2, fifteen years’ imprisonment), the defence submitted that the accused was a first-time offender and, by pleading guilty, had saved court time.


Accordingly, the Magistrate exercised his discretion and sentenced Kasule to only 12 months on each counts.

The sentence is to run concurrently.

Kasule was arrested by the Uganda Communications Commission [UCC] compliance and Investigations team, working together with Airtel (U) Ltd and Police.

Picked from Masanafu in Lubaga Division in Kampala, Kasule and five other suspects were first detained at Wandegeya Police Station.

Sim boxing is where an individual uses technology to illegally terminate international calls, UCC said in a statement.

“This is usually done in a box where sim cards are inserted through technology, enabled to interfere or otherwise get into licensed operator’s systems to allow illegal termination of calls.”

Through this illegal act, government has lost a lot of revenue.



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