Respect my contribution to this nation-Matembe

Matembe addressing the press in Bushenyi district

Former Ethics minister, Miria Matembe, has asked young parliamentarians to respect the contribution she has made in the development of Uganda as a nation.

Matembe was trying to diffuse the tension on Thursday night that erupted as two legislators clashed on a television show over the recent Apaa land clashes that have claimed lives in Amuru and Adjumani districts.

Hon. Gilbert Olanya (Kilak South County MP) and Hon. Ababiku (Adjumani WMP) nearly removed their gloves as they disagreed on Amuru land question while appearing on “NBS Frontline” programme.

While the legislators nearly for each other’s necks with accusations and counter-accusations, Matembe reminded them that the people dying are their people.

“I’m reminded of a story which President Museveni used to tell about grasshoppers,” she said.

Victoria University

According to Matembe, Apaa clashes are like grasshoppers eating themselves from a calabash; eventually they are fried and eaten.

“These people don’t know why they are killing each other. It seems somebody somewhere is involved.”

Turning to Olanya, she said: “Olanya is also confusing us. He says Gen. Ali gave the Mzungu land but when he met the Mzungu he said Gen. Ali was representing the government.”

Matembe said for someone like her who has been bitten by a snake, she has the capacity to caution others.

“These are your people. When a snake bites you, you fear every hole.”

She then turned to Ababiku and said: “My dear sister, don’t look at these things from the surface. Those being killed are your people.”

She added: “If you are of yesterday and you haven’t seen these things, then you are yet to see them.”

Matembe said she was very surprised when some people don’t see the bigger picture and say ‘let’s not politicize the issue’.

“You need to respect us. The contribution I have put to this nation, I don’t know whether these Olanya’s and the rest will ever achieve it.”

Matembe reprimanded Olanya and Ababiku: “You people be orderly. This is not Parliament. Here we are orderly.”



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